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that dallas quarry

thedallasquarry-7 thedallasquarry-1 thedallasquarry-4 thedallasquarry-5 thedallasquarry-6 thedallasquarry-8 thedallasquarry-9 thedallasquarry-10 thedallasquarry-12 thedallasquarry-13 thedallasquarry-15 thedallasquarry-16 thedallasquarry-17 thedallasquarry-18 thedallasquarry-19 thedallasquarry-20 thedallasquarry-21 thedallasquarry-22 thedallasquarry-23 thedallasquarry-25 thedallasquarry-24 thedallasquarry-26 thedallasquarry-27 thedallasquarry-29today the roomies & I ventured out to this gorgeous (private) quarry in mckinney, tx! a few friends had been out there before which I saw on the instagram hashtag #thatdallasquarry… and since the weather was perfect we decided to see what it was all about. technically this place is private property so I guess I’m incriminating myself here…..however, I think it was worth it. something this beautiful should be shared. unfortunately (and not surprisingly) we found lots of litter and beer cans while hiking around the property. some people will always ruin a great thing.

so have you visited any quarries like this? maybe in austin? there are lots of springs that are open to the public. I still can’t believe this place actually exists near dallas, texas!

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