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img_2106this past month we’ve gotten to visit our little home twice at the builder‘s site in Longview, TX. so far, the exterior is complete and we’re obsessed. our herringbone idea worked out well and we couldn’t be happier with the outcome. the walls are up on the inside and the shiplap is being added now. next up, paint, then floors, then cabinets and appliances! ahhh! we’ve chosen a stain for the outside as well. that part we’re handling ourselves, which I’m equally excited and nervous about. looking forward to sharing more after it’s delivered to us in a few weeks!
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at the beginning of the summer I decided to document my personal work only on my nikkormat 35mm camera, instead of digital. I snapped a few here + there on our vacation, trips with friends and even on some photo jobs, too! so happy I did it. shooting film can be scary (& expensive) but so rewarding. plus it just gives me all the feels.

summerin35mm_0003 summerin35mm_0004 summerin35mm_0005 summerin35mm_0006 summerin35mm_0007 summerin35mm_0001 summerin35mm_0002 summerin35mm_0008 summerin35mm_0009 summerin35mm_0011 summerin35mm_0010 summerin35mm_0012 summerin35mm_0013 summerin35mm_0015 summerin35mm_0016 summerin35mm_0017 summerin35mm_0018 summerin35mm_0020 summerin35mm_0021 summerin35mm_0022 summerin35mm_0023 summerin35mm_0024 summerin35mm_0025 summerin35mm_0026 summerin35mm_0027 summerin35mm_0028 summerin35mm_0029 summerin35mm_0030 summerin35mm_0019 summerin35mm_0031 summerin35mm_0032 summerin35mm_0033 summerin35mm_0034 summerin35mm_0035 summerin35mm_0036 summerin35mm_0037 summerin35mm_0038 summerin35mm_0039 summerin35mm_0040 summerin35mm_0041 summerin35mm_0043 summerin35mm_0042 summerin35mm_0044 summerin35mm_0045 summerin35mm_0046 summerin35mm_0047 summerin35mm_0048 summerin35mm_0051 summerin35mm_0049 summerin35mm_0050 summerin35mm_0052 summerin35mm_0053 summerin35mm_0054 summerin35mm_0055 summerin35mm_0056 summerin35mm_0057 summerin35mm_0058 summerin35mm_0059 summerin35mm_0060 summerin35mm_0062 summerin35mm_0063 summerin35mm_0064 summerin35mm_0065 summerin35mm_0067 summerin35mm_0069 summerin35mm_0070 summerin35mm_0071 summerin35mm_0072

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