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Here are my cousins in front of their BEAUTIFUL new lake house on Lake Quitman!
I love it. Had a great day with you guys! Enjoy!

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The second half of my Saturday was spent with my cousins at Lake Quitman. I took Chad’s senior photos, some family shots, and some of him and his friends before they went to prom! Looking at these makes me feel super old. I remember going with Chad to Chuck E. Cheese.. and now he’s graduating!
Which means I’ve been out of high school for 2 years now. Scary how time flies!

*If you were curious about his pink bracelet, it says “I <3 Skylar  Forever in our hearts” in memory of a classmate who was recently killed in a car accident. RIP Skylar!

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I got to spend the weekend back home with my family in East Texas and shot a couple senior portraits while I was there. Here’s one of them!
This is Samantha.
Although the wind was insane and blew her long hair all over the place I really like how they turned out.
I think these pictures describe her personality perfectly: care-free, country girl. :) Enjoy!

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Yes, that’s right. Video! I’m so excited!
Here is a bit of an example of what I’m offering (only it will be shot on my Canon).

Click here!

More info:
-3-5 minute postcard video put on DVD
-able to share with friends and family
-announce your engagement
-announce your wedding date
-or just celebrate your love

I’ll be posting a better example very soon!
If you’re interested please e-mail me at for more details.


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Welcome to my new photo blog (for the last time, hopefully)! I know I keep changing blogs around but I’m just in search of the perfect photo blog.
I think I’ve found it. I recently discovered this here ProPhoto Blogs.. I’m really happy with it so far!

What do you think?! How does it look?

I’d love to know who stopped by!
Feel free to comment anytime, you don’t have to have a profile or anything.
I can’t wait to start sharing my upcoming photo sessions!

Here’s a little beauty for your day.


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