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Here are my cousins in front of their BEAUTIFUL new lake house on Lake Quitman!
I love it. Had a great day with you guys! Enjoy!

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The second half of my Saturday was spent with my cousins at Lake Quitman. I took Chad’s senior photos, some family shots, and some of him and his friends before they went to prom! Looking at these makes me feel super old. I remember going with Chad to Chuck E. Cheese.. and now he’s graduating!
Which means I’ve been out of high school for 2 years now. Scary how time flies!

*If you were curious about his pink bracelet, it says “I <3 Skylar  Forever in our hearts” in memory of a classmate who was recently killed in a car accident. RIP Skylar!

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I got to spend the weekend back home with my family in East Texas and shot a couple senior portraits while I was there. Here’s one of them!
This is Samantha.
Although the wind was insane and blew her long hair all over the place I really like how they turned out.
I think these pictures describe her personality perfectly: care-free, country girl. :) Enjoy!

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Yes, that’s right. Video! I’m so excited!
Here is a bit of an example of what I’m offering (only it will be shot on my Canon).

Click here!

More info:
-3-5 minute postcard video put on DVD
-able to share with friends and family
-announce your engagement
-announce your wedding date
-or just celebrate your love

I’ll be posting a better example very soon!
If you’re interested please e-mail me at for more details.


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