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earlier this summer I got to shoot every family photographer’s dream…a giant, happy, laid back family completely in their element, just having a blast together and letting me document it freely. I can honestly say this shoot, consisting of 27 family members, was easier to photograph than many families of 4. the grandparents were hosting a “grand kids weekend” and this was the last day. then, at the end of the evening there was a sweet gender reveal on the back patio.

their love for each other is infectious and although it might’ve been years since they’d all been together it felt as though they had never spent a day apart. thanks for having me, reese’s.

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I had the most amazing weekend spent with some of my best friends and their kiddos, laughin’, eatin’, drinkin’ and playin’ in the river. perfect way to say goodbye to summer. more photos coming soon. campcossatot_preview_aug2015-1 campcossatot_preview_aug2015-2 campcossatot_preview_aug2015-3 campcossatot_preview_aug2015-8 campcossatot_preview_aug2015-4 campcossatot_preview_aug2015-5

We spied the sunken slickness of a broken algae shelf
trusting mere suggestion of a solid with ourselves
and our children and our backpacks and our glad-bagged cigarettes 
we waded in the coolest stretch of smiling stream. 
In waistdeep water in blistering sun in what may have been a dream
under the watchful eyes of butterflies who sometimes saw us slip 
and fall and rise again- a momentary dip-
with caught hand feeling for itself the mudstone underneath,
the gathering green bunching ‘tween our fingers like wreaths and
leaving print soon-smoothed by new-crop of slippery turf.
We all watched over each and Winry, Eliot, Emerson.
We plumbed the chill-clear water: emerging wet, wild, young. 
a beautiful poem by my friend and fellow camper Ryan Williams.
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