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This past Sunday we celebrated my boyfriend’s birthday with a breakfast picnic.
I got him a new cell phone and made him a homemade pinata! He loved it.
It ended up looking somewhat like a giant, blue, sparkly egg but oh well!
Once he busted it open he collected all the goodies I put in there for him.
His favorite candy; pop rocks, air heads extremes, bottle caps, and sweet tarts.
I also put in some random little army guys and a birthday card I made.

Making the pinata was really simple and inexpensive, just takes a little time.
If you’d like to make one like this here’s what you do:

Materials you’ll need:
Balloon (I bought large ones)

1. Make the mixture. Start by pouring a few cups of flour into a large mixing bowl.
Take 1 cup of water, pour into the bowl and keep adding more if needed and stirring until the mixture is water-y.

2. Blow up the balloon to the size you want the pinata to be.

3. Take strips of newspaper, dip into the mixture until completely soaked and lay it down onto the balloon, smooth out bubbles.

4. Cover the entire balloon with strips except for the end where the balloon was tied off
(keep a space open big enough for your hand to fit through)

5. Allow one layer to dry before adding more. Repeat 3 times.

6. The 4th layer should be done with white paper so once it’d dried you can paint it easily.

7. Once it’s all dry pop the balloon and remove it.

8. Add the candies and gifts.

9. Make a loop with strong twine or a rope.
Cover the hole with the paper strips & mixture leaving 2 small holes for the rope to go in and out of the pinata.

10. Let dry overnight!

Here’s the card my Dad made him. So cute!

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Here are some favorites from a shoot I did this morning with this crazy couple.
It was so stinkin’ hot but it was worth it. :]

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Here are a few of my favorites from the amazing weekend! Enjoy all the prettiness.

Click HERE to see a list of vendors

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A few favorites from my brief stint as a photo booth photographer at a baby shower….


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Sure had an amazing time shooting this one!
Not only is Nicole a very good friend of mine but I helped her
plan this entire event! I’m so proud of how it all came together
and I feel like the video really shows you the spirit of the day.
Thanks to everyone who came! <3

Event location: Little Bean
Flowers: Bows and Arrows
Pillows: Local Honey

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