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DIY tutorial: sand art terrariums

after researching and finding out there were different kind of terrariums i could make i read about the sand terrariums. they look best with a cactus inside to create a sort of desert-y feel! i loved the look of it and made me think of making sand art as a little kid. i was inspired! i had SO much fun with this project. it’s super easy to do.. you just need some supplies that most likely aren’t laying around the house. i found everything i needed at michael’s (minus the plants!)

i bought my adorable plants as redenta’s garden in lakewood. they’ve got a beautiful selection and the prices aren’t bad! they also had the most amazing terrarium cases. i can’t wait to make more! after many minutes of deliberation i decided on a baby cactus (i wanted one that was very young so i can watch it grow! i was tempted to buy a big one though), a succulent and 2 little……i have no idea what those things are really. but they’re cute so i bought them haha. as for the sand, i bought one (1.5 lb) bottle of each of the colors. i did have some leftover but if i could go back i would have gotten two of each. you’ll see why!

after doing the project, i realized this step isn’t entirely neccessary. the lady at the nursery told me to do this incase you wanted to lift up the bowl to look at the bottom and see the roots. however, the first layer of sand fills it up so you can’t see the bottom at all. maybe it’s kind of pointless but it probably does take up more room so you don’t have to use as much sand. next time i make another one, i’ll probably stick something solid in there instead of the rocks. (hope that makes sense!?)

there’s really no technique to this except to keep the sand from mixing with other colors (if that’s the look you’re going for). it’s a good idea to buy an ugly color sand you don’t care about to use as a filler. there was no way i was going to waste my hot pink sand in the middle where you couldn’t see it! ;-] also, you can use the stick or pencil to create designs in the sand on the side of the bowl.

i had originally planned on sticking the little deer inside it but after trying it they just didn’t belong in a desert theme haha. maybe for the next one! also, keep in mind i’m not a plant expert. i can hardly keep them alive for two weeks! the lady at the nursery told me a cactus like this didn’t need to be watered more than once every 3 weeks. since it’s not sitting in soil you’ll just use a spray bottle instead! don’t use too much water because they don’t need much. hope you guys try this out! it’s so fun and simple and since i didn’t go overboard on the pink, canaan likes it too ;-]

here’s what i did with the succulent and leftover sand.

sadly, this one was attacked by my crazy cats over the weekend. they just couldn’t help themselves! cactus are better for cats (make sure they aren’t poisonous) because it’s prickly. sonny learned very quickly not to mess with it anymore.

here’s one of my instagram buddies (@jenlovescove) who tried it out yesterday! i love how hers turned out.

if you make your own sand art terrarium share a link with me in the comments! i’d love to see it. have fun! xo

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